Ignition System Norton Twins 12 Volt

Ignition System Norton Twins 12 Volt

Boyer Bransden MKIV
High Power Ignition System
Norton Commando, Altas etc
12 Volt Coil Ignition
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Boyer Bransden Electronic Ignition Kits - Over 50 years Proven Performance

In 1969 Ernie Bransden designed and patented a miniature electronic ignition that was a fraction of the
size and far more efficient than any of its competitors. Since that time various electronic ignitions and
manufacturers have come and gone, but Boyer Bransden have been in constant production.

Today, Boyer Bransden produce one of the most efficient ignition systems in the world. All systems
are carefully hand built in the UK under the ethos of supplying hardy products that last.

The improved MKIV versions are designed to improve the timing stability if engine starting with a very low or variable battery voltage. The design changes are internal and do not affect the external appearance of the unit. Identified by the 'MKIV' caption on the label the new units are fully interchangeable with previously produced MK3 and MK1a units, and offer improved performance for both electric and kick start machines

British Spares Ltd offer full testing facilities, spares back up, and warranty claims processing for
Boyer Bransden ignition systems and components.

Boyer Bransden Electronic Ignition systems fire all coils together in series and therefore share the available voltage across the number of coils on your motorcycle.

For this reason, it is recommended that you install:

12 Volt coils on single cylinder machines

6 Volt coils on twin cylinder machines

4 volt coils on triples (due to unavailability of reliable 4 volt coils, most triple owners will have to use 6 Volt coils, which do operate very satisfactorily.)

Through the years, Norton Twins were blessed with a variety of ignition systems but it is generally possible to fit the standard BB-KIT00053 12 Volt kit to most of them..... if you try hard enough.

Easy Fit:

All Commando models (best to replace 12 Volt coils on 1968-71 models with 6 Volt 17M6 coils).

Atlas and 650 models with Lucas points plate housing driven off timing chain as per first Commando models.

A Little Bit Harder:

Earlier models with Magneto ignitions or 18D2 distributors will need conversion to 12 Volts and the addition of our MAG1 housing to allow the fitment of the standard Boyer Bransden trigger plate and rotor.


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