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Here at British Motorcycle Spares we're nuts about classic British Motorcycles, they're what make us get out of bed in the morning.

Meet The Team

Troy Tempest

Troy was born on a very cold day in Stokes Vegas, a long long time ago. After flunking civilian school, he trained tirelessly for many gruelling years to become a qualified Chimney Sweeps Help (and they said hard work and clean living would never get you anywhere - I showed them..). At the age of twenty nine, Tempest was freelancing as a Steeplejack and also worked as a Rodeo Clown, where he first met his lifelong friend Charlie (Chuckles) Manson.

Virgil Tracy

Found my first ES2 Norton. Put her back together and made her shine... Fired her up and rode her 'til my ears bled...  It was the summer of '69.... Me and some guys from school Hit the road and went real hard.... Louis quit and George got married.. Shoulda known we'd never get far.... Oh when I look back now... That summer seemed to last forever... And if I had the choice I'd always wanna be there....Those were the best days of my life...

Lady Penelope

Born on 24 December in the upside-down year, Lady Penelope is the daughter of aristocrat Lord Hugh Creighton-Ward and his wife, Amelia. ... At the age of thirty seven, Penelope was sent to the prestigious Brightwater School, where she excelled in many subjects and became very popular among her peers. She later fell into a desperate life of sports over-achievement and pub quizzing before joining us here as head girl.

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