BSA Parts List 1965, A50, A65

BSA Parts List 1965, A50, A65

BSA Replacement Parts List for 1965 500 and 650cc unit construction twin cylinder A50 and A65 models
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BSA Parts Catalogue for 1965 Twin Cylinder Models
Re-printed coil bound copy of the factory publication, A4 page size.

Covering Frame and Engine Numbers (start of production)
500cc models
1965: A50: Frame A50A-686, Eng.A50-8437
          A50 Cyclone (US road): Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A50D-101
          A50 Cyclone Comp. (US off-road): Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A50B-507
          A50 Cyclone (UK): Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A50DC-101
          A50 Cyclone Comp. (UK): Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A50DC-101

650cc models
1965: A65: Frame A50-8437, Eng.A65A-1134
          A65 Rocket: Frame A50-8437, Eng.A65B-334
          A65 Rocket (with tacho) A50-8437, Eng.A65C-1082
          A65 Lightning: Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A65DC2158
          A65 Lightning Rocket: Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A65D-1742
          A65 Lightning Clubman.: Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A65DC-2158
          A65 Spitfire Hornet: Frame A50B-4001, Eng.A65E-701


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