BSA Parts List 1949 - 1953, A7, A10

BSA Parts List 1949 - 1953, A7, A10

BSA Replacement Parts List for 1949 to 1953 500 to 650cc twin cylinder models covering A7, Star Twin, and A10 rigid and plunger spring frames.
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BSA Parts Catalogue for 1949-1953 Twin Cylinder Models
Re-printed coil bound copy of the factory publication, A4 page size.

Covering Frame and Engine Numbers (at start of production year)
500cc A7 models
1949: A7: Frame ZA7-101, Eng.ZA7-101
          A7 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-101, Eng.ZA7-101
          A7 Star Twin: Frame ZA7S-101, Eng.ZA7S-101
1950: A7: Frame ZA7-4001, Eng.ZA7-7001
          A7 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-6001, Eng.ZA7-7001
          A7 Star Twin: Frame ZA7S-6001, Eng.ZA7S-4001
1951: A7: Frame ZA7-6001, Eng.AA7-101
          A7 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-14001, Eng.AA7101
          A7 Star Twin: Frame ZA7S-14001, Eng.AA7S-101
1952: A7: Frame ZA7-8001, Eng.AA7-5001
          A7 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-26001, Eng.AA7-5001
          A7 Star Twin: Frame ZA7S-26001, Eng.AA7S-1001

1953: A7: Frame BA7-101, Eng.BA7-101
          A7 Plunger: Frame BA7S-101, Eng.BA7-101
          A7 Star Twin: Frame BA7S-101, Eng.BA7S-101

650cc A10 models
1950: A10: Frame ZA7-4001, Eng.ZA10-101
          A10 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-6001, Eng.ZA10-101

1951: A10: Frame ZA7-6001, Eng.ZA10-4001
          A10 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-14001, Eng.ZA10-4001

1952: A10: Frame ZA7-8001, Eng.ZA10-12001
          A10 Plunger: Frame ZA7S-26001, Eng.ZA10-12001

1953: A10: Frame BA7-101, Eng.BA10-101
          A10 Plunger: Frame BA7S-101, Eng.BA10-101
          A10 Spitfire: Frame BA10-101, Eng.BA10S-101


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