THE LAST HURRAH From Beijing to Arnhem 2005, Des Molloy

THE LAST HURRAH From Beijing to Arnhem 2005, Des Molloy
BOOK BK91, THE LAST HURRAH, From Beijing to Arnhem 2005, Des Molloy
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Des Molloy and Dick Huurdeman look like the sort of guys who should be sedately steering a sleigh in a Santa parade, not riding old single-banger British bikes half way across the world through some of the most difficult and remote terrain imaginable. Des’s son Steve joined this intrepid pair as a cameraman and general factotum for the highs and lows of an incident-packed three-month trek from Beijing to Arnhem on ‘Penelope’, a 1965 Yorkshire-made 650cc Panther, and ‘Dutch Courage’, a 1954 Norton 600.

Was this idiocy or odyssey? Decide for yourself as you read Des Molloy’s account of their adventures and misadventures. You don’t need to be a motorcycle maniac to enjoy this story which reads like a long yarn over a few beers at the pub.

Prepare to be amused, excited, moved, entertained, and informed as you find out how much of this impossible dream became a reality for our unlikely trio.


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